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ZME Science is one of the most popular websites in the science/environment sphere, being acknowledged and quoted by a swarm of other top sites and publications (The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Gizmodo — to name just a few). We have a large monthly audience, as well as a passionate, dedicated community, which we value dearly.

This makes ZME Science an ideal place for marketing campaigns that target educated people with a deep interest in science and technology.

Traffic And General Stats (updated 2020)

  • Unique visitors: >700,000 visitors/monthly
  • Page views: >1,400.000 visits/monthly
  • Average time on site: ~2:17 minutes
  • RSS and e-mail subscribers: ~50,000
  • Facebook Fans: ~50,000

Readership Demographics

Countries readers come from:

1. United States 47.51%
2. Canada 15.47%
3. United Kingdom 12.31%
4. Australia 5.27%
5. Germany 2.95%


  • <18: 15%
  • 18-34: 26%
  • 35-55: 33%
  • >55: 26%


  • Male: 57%
  • Female: 43%

Browsing ZME Science from:

  • Desktop: 30%
  • Mobile: 70%


  • College Graduates: 64%
  • Are concerned about the environment: 88%
  • Are interested in cutting edge products/gadgets: 73%

Demographics results from a survey conducted with 1,082 people, around 12.04.2016.

Ad Options And Rates:

We offer a variety of ad placements (leaderboard, skyscraper banner, rectangle banner, etc), as long as the ad is relevant to our audience on a fixed price or CPM basis. However, we don’t accept any kind of pop-ups, pop-unders, or other related “pops”.

Sponsored articles are available, but our guidelines are pretty strict regarding this and involve all the conditions expressed in the Google ToS.

Pricing and, if needed, ad placement can be negotiated on contact. If you’re interested in advertising with us, then please use the contact form or directly e-mail andrei [at] zmescience [dot] com.

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